Friday, August 28, 2015

U12 Boys Fury



About Blaine: "I have loved playing competitive sports all my life and have competed in quite a variety (including swimming, basketball, beach volleyball, waterpolo, and ultimate frisbee).  I was introduced to soccer at university where I played at the intramural level regularly.  Since then, my three sons have taken up the sport with a perpetual passion, and I have taken up coaching.  I have coached youth soccer (U6 to U12) for 4+ years and have been co-coaching select teams (U10 and U12) for the past two seasons.  I have completed the Child and Youth Community coaching certificates (in the previous NCCP program) and recently have completed the Active Start and Learning to Train coaching certification courses (in the CSA's new Long Term Development program) and hope to complete my certification this year.  It has been a pleasure to coach some of the U12 players for a couple of years now as I have seen their abilities and love of the game grow .  I am looking forward to working with this group of players as they continue to develop their technical skills and knowledge of the game."



About Shervin: "I have been playing and been around the sport religiously for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately never had a chance to play at a professional level. As my chances to play professionally decreases with age and skills, my knowledge and understanding of the game increases through education. After completing the CSA’s Player Long Term Development certificates (Youth CCC, Active Start, FUNdementals, Learning to Train, Training to Train, Training to Compete, Training to Win and Active Start) , I am looking forward to finish my Pre B assessment in 2013 and finally have my B License by end of 2013. It is a great pleasure to work with the U12 players in this indoor season that are so passionate about the game. To be part of a team and drive towards the common goal is an celebration, and this year with the U12 Boys team we are celebrating the game of soccer to its fullest ( wins and losses included)."

Mohamed Abdo

Hamza Ahmed

Ikemba Akamadu

William Bourque

Gerard Corcoran

Travis Eckel

Reece Greening

Kenny Grey

Jawad Hammoud

Mahdi Hammoud

Nathan Harrison

Levi Legaree

George McCombe

Kyle Morin

Cael Parrell

Mathew Travers



Mon Oct 21 6-7pm @ SSWC - turf
Wed Oct 23 7-8pm @ SSWC- turf
Sat Oct 26 10-11am @ SSWC - turf
Sun Oct 27 12-1pm @SWWC - turf
Mon Oct 28 8-9pm @ SSWC - turf
Fri Nov 8 7-8pm @ SSWC - turf