Monday, August 31, 2015


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We, the FMYSA, house the FURY program that travels and competes all over Albeta. This is the best way to get competition for our players here in Fort McMurray. Our parents and players have embraced the program and allowed the program to flourish in the last two years. Since we are one club; the Fury have enrolled in EIYSA (Edmonton Inter District Youth Soccer Association)  and competed very well. This allows our team to compete at a high level with teams in Edmonton and allowing for preparation for Provincials. 


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We have try outs in the fall, since our age groups change at that time to prepare for one full season (indoor and outdoor). Although; payers still need to try out for the outdoor team in the spring. Our indoor season is utilized as a training ground and preparation for the outdoor season. We have our teams partake in FUTSAL and indoor boarded soccer. Our Futsal team need to have a max of 12 players and our boarded soccer teams need to have a max of 15. In order to qualify for indoor boarded provincials, our teams need to compete in six boarded games in the season. Since we lack the competition we ask our coaches to take their teams to three tournaments throughout the season. This prepares them for provincials in March. Futsal is a little harder as there is no real league or tournament set up throughout the season in Alberta. We have to ask the teams to travel and find tournaments. They do qualify for provincials in April and in order to prepare, we give them two times a week to train and play futsal.

In outdoor the teams will be asked to compete in EIYSA and travel to Edmoton from May to mid July for some good tough competiton. The teams travel on the weekend and stay at our prefered hotel the Holiday Inn Express in South Edmonton by South Common. The season is a good life learning lesson as our players learn about proper nutrition, eating habits, friendships, respect, behaviour away from parents and of course soccer. U10 players must stay with parents while our U12 to U18 stay with players (four to a room). Coaches and managers supervise the kids with the help of a few parents; but each team has two coaches and a manager. Girls teams must have a female coach or manager and a Boys teams must have a male coach or manager. 

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Fury Program really starts at the grassroot level of U8 (please see the Technical Director 10 year plan) with full evaluations for the players to spread the talent amongst the U8 teams. This allows for a competitive and rewarding environment.

The players must first be registered with the FMYSA (insurance purposes) before stepping on the field. When the players show up for the try out they are greeted by the TD, League Director or Office Manager along with some volunteers to assign the player a jersey colour and number for the try out. Each time the player may get a different number or colour. Once all players are accounted the two teams are warmed up and allowed to play. The evaluators go off to the side while the coach runs a warm, the games and takes his/her own notes. The TD may or may not be an evaluator but will also take his own notes and compare with the coach. 

The players are given three opportunities to try out and are evaluated by three to four evaluators each time. The more times the players are seen the better the chance the players provide themselves. Once the evaluations are done, the players are ranked from top to bottom and the coach pick's his/her team.

An email wil be sent notifying the player if they made the team or not within five days of the last try out.

Hope to see you out there and become part of our FURY family for years to come.