Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Here are the answers to questions that people frequently ask about.  If you don't see your question answered below please send us an e-mail at fmysa@shaw.ca.

If I have a jersey left over from Indoor/Outdoor where can I drop it off?

House League t-shirts are given to the players at the start of the season and are for the players to keep.  You do not need to return this shirt at the end of the season.  Coaches/Managers: If you have equipment that still needs to be returned, please contact our Equipment Director at equipment.fmysa@shaw.ca to make arrangements.

Where do I pick up my child’s Outdoor 2013 Soccer Photos?

Remaining Outdoor 2013 Photos will be available for pick-up from the office. 

When will I receive my volunteer levy back?

Once you have completed your volunteer commitment you will receive your levy back within one month.  If you have not received your refund and did volunteer, please contact the office.  Coach/Manager levies are issued and returned at the end of the season via mail.

How do I find out if a game is cancelled due to the weather?

*Sports Field Info Line: 780-743-7078 (Updated daily at 4:30pm by RMWB)
*If the weather is looking less than favourable, call the hotline.
*If the hotline indicates that fields are closed, then soccer is cancelled and will be made up at a later date
*If it says they are still open, we will ask that you show up regardless. If it starts raining or gets worse while we are playing, the coaches will use their discretion and make a decision at that time, but please come down for the start of your session if the fields are open.
*For player safety, coaches/managers/referees are asked to cease play if there is lightening in the vicinity.

Why are U10 and U12 as well as U14 and U16 Leagues sometimes combined for Outdoor & Indoor ?

Depending on the number of registrants in each category, it is sometimes necessary to combine age groups to allow for enough teams to play. There will be Select teams in the specific leagues for which players can try out.

Is there a U18 league for Indoor?

This league is very tentative as we may not have enough players to run a full U18 league.  There may be a select team that players in this age group can try out for but if not, all U18 players have the option to join the men or ladies league depending on their gender.  U18 players are not permitted to move down to U16, however, depending on the number of registrants in U16, there may be a U16/18 Select Team.

Where will the kids be playing?

Outdoor 2013 fields have been listed under the 'Outdoor 2013 Schedules' tab on the left hand side of the home screen.

Can I choose which team my child is on?

Unfortunately no special requests are allowed.  We are unable to accommodate special team placement requests due to the large number of registrants and the limited amount of time we have to organize the soccer season.  If transportation to the game is an issue and you don't know anyone on the team, we are confident that parents on the team will be able to assist you if you ask them.  Once teams are decided, only the FMYSA Board of Directors will be able to change them.  Parents and coaches of different teams are not permitted to exchange players without Board approval.  Any team change requests must be submitted in writing to the FMYSA office to be approved only with valid reasons.  Carpooling, coach preference or wanting to be on the "winning team" are not considered valid reasons and will be declined.  The only exception to the special request rules is the placement of siblings that are of the same age group and gender (except for teams that are mixed with boys and girls) on the same team.

Why do we have the $200 family registration fee?

This is also called the "volunteer levy fee" and is paid PER FAMILY, not PER PLAYER.  We have this fee because of the rising costs associated with field times, equipment, administration and the general lack of volunteers.  The Association often does not get enough substantial volunteers in certain roles.  Since these roles are very important to the running of the organization, they are usually done by paid employees which explains the rise in administrative costs.  It is possible to receive reimbursement of this fee at the end of the season when you complete a volunteer commitment for us.  All volunteer work needs to be one of our official volunteer positions or something approved by the office prior to the undertaking.  This $200 family fee is part of the registration fees.  It will be paid by all members who wish to register (one $200 payment per family regardless of how many members) and is non-negotiable.

What volunteer positions are available?

The following positions are available during registration.  They will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you are interested in a particular position please ensure that you register early or it may be filled.  We are not required to provide a volunteer position for all members.  Current volunteer positions include:

Volunteer Waiting List

These volunteer positions currently qualify for reimbursement of the family registration fee.  Some positions offered in the past are unavailable at the present time and will not qualify for reimbursement unless approved by the office.  For those who do not get a volunteer position during registration but are interested in trying to qualify for the reimbursement we are open to suggestions from you on how you can help us out (must be at least a 5 hour committment).

What equipment will be required?

T-Shirts will be provided by the FMYSA.  All players will need to have shinpads and a pair of soccer cleats, as well as athletic shorts (no denim/khaki) and soccer socks (soccer socks need to completely cover the player's shin-pads for safety reasons).  Cleats are optional for U4-U8 and mandatory for U10 and older.  Cleats are not permitted to be worn on the indoor turf in wich case a clean pair of indoor sneakers or indoor turf shoes are suitable.